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Dress Code

  • Why are you changing the dress code?

The member survey conducted in May 2024 revealed that the vast majority of members desired the option to wear tank tops for more comfort and freedom while maintaining a respectful and professional environment.

  • What are the new rules regarding tank tops?

Tank tops are allowed as long as they have wide straps and adequately cover the sides.

  • Are thin-strapped tank tops allowed?

No, only tank tops with wide straps are allowed to ensure a certain level of coverage and comfort for everyone.

  • What does "adequately cover the sides" mean?

This means that tank tops must fully cover the areas under the arms to maintain an appropriate level of decency and hygiene.

  • Why are wide straps mandatory?

Wide straps provide better coverage and are more suitable for maintaining a respectful environment for all members.

  • What are the consequences if someone does not comply with the new dress code?

If someone does not comply with the dress code, we will kindly ask them to change. We have t-shirts available at the front desk if needed. A note will be placed in their file, and in case of repeated offenses, their membership will be canceled immediately.

  • Are men and women subject to the same rules?

Yes, these rules apply to all members, regardless of gender, to ensure fairness and mutual respect.

  • Why is it important to adequately cover the sides?

This helps maintain a hygienic and comfortable environment for everyone by minimizing excessive skin exposure.

  • Are the new rules effective immediately?

Yes, the new rules are in effect immediately.

  • Does this mean that t-shirts are no longer mandatory?

T-shirts are no longer mandatory, but remain an option. Members can choose to wear either a t-shirt or a tank top that complies with the new rules.

  • Can I train in just a sports bra?


  • Are open-sided tank tops, like muscle tanks, allowed?